HELLO! Its monday again!
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    Default HELLO! Its monday again!


    hope everyone had a lovely weekend and is geared up for the week ahead. I just know I'm going to blink and the week will be over!

    I have a sponsored walk tomorrow with the mindees at a local farm for Barnado's 'The big Toddle' ( I'm sure it used to be called the 'toddle waddle' or maybe that's just what my old nursery called it! ), and new mum and mindee are coming to play. ( can't do proper settling in without mum present, as already got 3 mindees here up until the day new mindee starts! ) then another farm trip and then I think toddlers! and maybe, if we have time inclination, we might make the fathers day cards I forgot to make last week

    I'm not working today, and after a busy weekend have 101 jobs to catch up on... but if the sun is shining, I am going to want to be outside and all the jobs are inside ones heyho! such is life.


    love loocyloo xxx

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    We are taking advantage of the shade in the garden at the moment I know it's going to be too hot out for the Los in a couple of hours.

    I caught up with some house work yesterday and boy did I know I was doing them seemed to take twice as long to get finished. The weather is great for drying the washing though.

    The only real downside to the lovely weather is the high pollen count teally duffeting the last few days.

    Loocy we always called it a toddle waddle.
    When someone tells you nothing is impossible, tell them to go slam a revolving door

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    I'm having a week off but it's so hot I'm not getting done. But I'm glad I don't have to look after the little ones in this heat. Have a good week everyone

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HELLO! Its monday again! HELLO! Its monday again! HELLO! Its monday again!

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