So many questions...
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    Default So many questions...

    Dn't know if this is in the right place but here goes anyway lol.
    I have been registered since March of this year and have had a few enquiries since and even signed my first mindee but things changed. Me and my family were relocating to Sheffield but dues to change in personal circumstances this had to change and we are now staying where we are for now in Devon. So due to relocating I lost the new mindee. My dilemma is this, I don't have any mindees at present and things are very slow in the area think due to the time of year. I have been advertising etc. I have my own 20 month old and am 11 weeks pregnant (no one knows yet). So what shall I do about minding? Will parents take me on as im pregnant? What do I say to Ofsted?- I still haven't had my first inspection as I haven't had any mindees. What do I do in the long run?Also because I haven't been earning I won't be entilted to maternity allowance etc. Im stuck on what to do...... My partner works full time and we are just living on his wages but I obviously feel I need to be doing something. I did think because we were relocating it would be fine, because once we moved I would sort the house out etc and go straight on maternity leave and start minding once everything was ok with the baby etc but now were not relocating I don't know what to do...Is it too early to go on maternity leave?- it would be a rather long time off.

    I don't know if anyone can help me or give any advice that would be greatly appreciated. Thanx

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    Have you made contact with other childminders, maybe you could offer to cover holiday and sickness as this is temporary and won't matter that you are going on maternity leave, there is often the need for temporary cover here with people moving or doing shift etc maybe you could advertise saying you take temporary or ad hoc contracts on a pay as you go which appeal to some people.

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