Potty training?
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Thread: Potty training?

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    Default Potty training?

    I am potty training my daughter. So far she has had 4 dry days at home, every wee and poo in the potty, perfect! But....... She has been bare bottomed the whole time, she wore pants once and wet them so now knows its easier to wea nothing. Any ideas how to get her to wear pants and the easiest way to teach her to pull them up and down?

    Also which do you think is easier pants and skirt, or pants and trousers?

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    I posted pretty much the same thread earlier this week!

    My DD is 2.6yrs and we had started with the 'naked protty training' method too and she was perfect until I put knickers on her on the 3rd day. Someone very helpfully suggested trying trousers with no knickers and this has worked since Tuesday. She's had a few accidents but not many considering she's only on day 6/7
    On her way to the bathroom she yells "wee wee mummy" and I go with her and help her pull down her trousers.

    We got a potty chair too as this was much more stable than a regular potty.

    Good luck



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