Help?! Advice - possible mindees
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    Default Help?! Advice - possible mindees

    Hi guys and girls

    Looking for advice. Been registered since end of October this year and have possible before and after school care for 2 siblings

    Boy aged 7, girl aged 4. Will be looking for care from around 7ish till school time (will be a 20min ish walk to school) and then from 3pm after school till around 6pm for collection. I only have a 2 year old myself and am not sure on the sort of activities I need/can do during the times I have them. I thought maybe after school I could take the 2 kids (and my 2 year old) to the park/playing field for half hr or so then I'm not sure after that..

    Also will the EYFS apply to the 7 year old and will he be included in my numbers?

    Last question - after I drop these children off is it safe to assume I am then able to pick up another couple of mindees to look after during the day?

    Sorry for all the can tell I'm a newbie!


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    Default Re: Help?! Advice - possible mindees

    as for the numbers yes you can have mindees during the day because presumably they would be younger and classed as an under 5 , you should be allowed 2 under 5 aswel as your own 2 yr old . the 4 yr old that you take to school is classed as an over 5 sorry if this is confusing

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    Default Re: Help?! Advice - possible mindees

    If you only have one child yourself and the 4 year old is at achool, you will still be allowed two under reception age and one more under 8 in addition to these two. Your certificate will clarify that. The EYFS only applies to the 4 year old until the August after their 5th birthday. I have a 4 and 5 year old after school and we usually walk home, I give them a snack at 3.30, they then are offered an activity of colouring sticking etc or they free play, mine love making dens. I give them dinner at 5pm and Mum or Dad collects them at 5.30pm, it goes very quickly. In the summer it will go even quicker as they can free play out in the garden alot more or you can have a pic nic tea in the park.



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