does it matter where I live!?
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    Question does it matter where I live!?

    I know a few people who need regular help with childcare, I love kids and am great with them! I am very keen to register as a childminder as it's definitely my calling. But I have an issue! There's absolutely no information on wether I can child mind from a caravan. I permanently live in a caravan, have done for a long time and most likely will for a long time. It's nothing to do with being unable to afford a house it's because I don't want to live in house. We are in a large field, then within that field we have our own private garden (marked with high willow hedge) which is a good size and two caravans perpendicular to each other that we live out of. I look after friends children and don't see any problems with it myself but I can't find any information online or otherwise that states exactly what premises you can child mind out of.
    Any help will be muchly appreciated as I do not want to do the training etc then have ofsted tell me no way. Or is there anyone else I could ask? Thanks in advance folks

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    As far as im aware there is no requirement on the type of dwelling you live in.

    There is a space requirement for every eyfs which is i think (its been a long day so i may need to be corrected) of 3.4m.

    Welcome to the forum i hope you continue on your quest to be a childminder it will be interesting to follow your journey.
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    There are nurseries that are 'outdoor' with no, or very little, buildings. So I can not see the problem.
    When I had a question similar to this I emailed Ofsted, explained the predicament and they replied- worth a try, or phone them but if you do phone then get the name of whom you spoke to and back it up with an email to them saying 'I spoke to x on x date at x time who advised...' so you have something in writing.

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does it matter where I live!? does it matter where I live!? does it matter where I live!?

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