What if I fail the registration visit??
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    Default What if I fail the registration visit??

    Hi, just another question. What happens if I fail the registration visit because of my poor knowledge of the EYFS?? Will I have to start the whole process again??? Or will they arrange to come back out and visit giving me time to do some more training

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    Aww hunny you sound just like me on Tuesday. I googled that for ages. What I found out is the chances of failing are super slim like 2 people have ever failed or something. If the inspector felt there was something you need to improve on my understanding is that they will come to check that one thing not do the whole visit again. I don't think you'd have to reapply.
    Have the eyfs document in front of you and if there's something you have forgotten you can say you have the document so can check. After all when you start childminding business anything your unsure of you can check. As long as inspector can see that you will use the eyfs to form your business and not just expect kids to learn from watching tv all day you will be fine.
    Have you got the pre reg questions booklet off ofsted website? Working your way through that is good revision and she/he won't mind you looking at it to help you answer their questions. My mind went blank and I couldn't think of an example for an activity for baby for expressive arts and design so I just looked at my form and she didn't mind. I think that whilst I am new to childminding and not fluent with eyfs I will keep looking at it to plan what I will do with the children each day so I don't see why we'd be expected to know it off by heart at this stage. I know what it is, I know its important and I will follow it. I think that's what ofsted needs to see. Do you see what I mean?

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    You're not expected to have full knowledge of the ins and outs of the EYFS, I've been minding 2 years and am still getting to grips with it

    The inspector will expect you to have a basic understanding of the principles so for example, if a child is pulling themselves up to stand would that come under expressive arts and design or physical development?

    I agree with filling out the pre reg booklet, it's a good reference tool, and the inspector won't mind you referring back to it during the inspection. I think they expect nerves and blank moments



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What if I fail the registration visit?? What if I fail the registration visit?? What if I fail the registration visit??

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