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    Default Starting from somewhere new

    I have previously been on this website before and found it very useful so am looking for some advice and reassurance please.

    I have been registered since March 2012 and since then I have had no minded children as so many things have happened i.e. process of moving house, pregnant with my second child and enquires but no luck and no minded children happened to come along (was very quiet round my area where I was living at the time). I have recently relocated from Devon up North to Sheffield and am hoping things will happen up here and I will get a few enquiries and eventually get some minded children. Does anyone live in and around Sheffield and can tell me what its like childminding up here, who you go through i.e. with regards to childminding support and what your rates are etc. Thanks in advance.

    Anyway I would like some advice and reassurance as since I haven't been minding my minds been on other things so have lost sight of what I need to have and my child minding business (need to go through my paperwork etc.). I have public liability insurance with MM, first aid (needs updating next year). All my paperwork is from last year and needs updating to this year. I have contracts, medication forms etc. from MM but are from when I was registered in 2012 does anyone know if am I still able to use them or do I need to get new ones? I have only been at my new house in Sheffield a week and am just starting to sort the house out as a few things need doing to it before I start minding. I'm still on maternity leave until end of December so am hoping to start up again from January. I am in the process of finding out where the baby/toddler groups are (have two children of my own), where the parks, local shops are and have found some local schools. I'm waffling a bit sorry...don't know what I really want to ask lol. Any advice on paperwork, how you set it out, risk assessments etc. would be great as haven't used any of mine. I have asked my landlord for permission to mind from my house but am still waiting (am phoning today again).
    I am already a childcare website which just needs updating. I have had an enquiry for a little boy who will be nearly 7 months in January but I am wondering if I would be able to take on an under one even though I have an under one of my own? My children are 2 1/2 years and 5 months old.

    Sorry if its not clear what I am asking (don't know myself really ) but any advice, reassurance and guidance would be great. Thanks

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    It sounds as if you have most of the paperwork needed but just need to update it. Obviously polices etc would need to be changed to reflect your new home and surroundings.

    You definitely can't take on another under one as you already have your own baby as you'd be going over your numbers for new business, not continuity of care.

    I'm sure others will come along with more advice. Good luck!



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