Ofsted SEF guide - updated 09.2015
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    Default Ofsted SEF guide - updated 09.2015

    It's been a busy week! I spent the early part working 10 hour childminding days and then typing furiously to update my SEF guide e-book in the evenings...

    It is finished and has grown in size as I have moved around all the previous responses and added new information.

    You can buy my e-book on my Knutsford Childminding | Sarah Neville - Registered Childminder website - e-book 18 - £4.99.


    I was talking to Ofsted yesterday, wearing my Ofsted Big Conversation north west group hat ... and asked about the updated SEF and Ofsted's expectations - do we need to rush to update? What will inspectors be looking for during inspection?

    The senior HMI who was advising us said that inspectors won't expect a fully completed new SEF immediately - what they will expect to see is that we are aware of the new SEF document and ready to make changes as we continue our normal continuous professional development plan.

    So that's good news then!

    My new SEF guidance is in files at the top of the Forum - Guidance for the new SEF 2015

    You can access the new online SEF here - https://online.ofsted.gov.uk/OnlineO...yGuidance.aspx - the guidance is attached to each of the sections and in my document ... and you can print a word version of the SEF once you are logged in.

    I always suggest doing the SEF on your own computer so you are in charge of it and don't lose it - upload it into the Ofsted system when you have some free time and it's not a rush.

    Don't forget to keep coming back to your SEF and updating it as things change and your business grows. Where possible add parent comments... focus on the impact of changes on the children... it's your boasting book so remember to update it often!
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    Thanks for keeping us updated.



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Ofsted SEF guide - updated 09.2015 Ofsted SEF guide - updated 09.2015 Ofsted SEF guide - updated 09.2015

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