Words of encouragement and tips from an ex smoker of three years!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Messy jesse View Post
    Ok. I need some support today. I gave up smoking 2 months ago.

    Last night we had all my family round at my mums house to meet my sisters (19)new boyfriend (23) who smokes, mum also smokes with a drink and smoking is permitted in the draftee basement kitchen after
    kids are asleep(2 floors up).

    I fell off the wagon.... We were up till 3:30 and I had 3 rollies

    I also have an electronic cig so will be easier for me than my hd who also had 3 but goes cold turkey. We haven't been "getting on like a house on fire" recently and worried about the stress of the coming few days...

    Any advice on how to deal with other peoples quitting stress as well as your own?

    Jesse x
    you slipped up this time - never mind - you just 'restart'.

    I think you need to learn to channel those trigger/stress into something else.
    I retook up dancing - a passion of mine and that is where all my energies and triggers go....

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    i gave up 8 yrs ago. still want to sometimes but if you look at the pattern it's not the fag you miss it's the stopping, the break that smoking a fag gives you.

    when you recognise that. sit down, have a glass of cold water and or an orange.

    i hate stale smell and nearly walk out on my husband because he smoked after 6yrs quitting!!!

    but some bad morning i quite enjoy walking behind a smoking mother

    it's always going to be there a bit.

    just need to be proud and remember it's a really greta achievement.

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    Thank you,
    Smoke free again,
    This morning was tuff but got through it with only a few casualtys.

    Jesse x


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Words of encouragement and tips from an ex smoker of three years! Words of encouragement and tips from an ex smoker of three years! Words of encouragement and tips from an ex smoker of three years!

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