Can anyone help?
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    Default Can anyone help?

    Have been approved to be able to take 2 and 3 & 4 year old funded children but I need to send local authority a charging policy and have no idea on where to start with it, has anyone got one I can have a look at please? Tia :-) xxx

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    Do you have a written explanation of your fees?
    They are just wanting to check you are not going to try to charge a top-up or anything that is disallowed by the FE scheme (this happens where the FE £ per hour paid out is less than a CMers usual £ per hour, it is not a problem in some parts of the country though).
    Ask them exactly what they want to know and just write the answers in a document and send it in. If they want more than that then they can ask you.
    Read the contract you have with the LA for the FE- use words from that, like how you will not charge for the free hours but can charge for additional hours or services. What hours you are offering the free hours etc. I would not put your hourly rate as that is none of their business!

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    When they accepted me they just wanted to see an invoice demonstrating how you would show EYE hours and anything else plus your recruitment policy eg. would you give preference to siblings, existing mindees, EYE children etc. I would ask them what they are asking for, so that you don't waste your time doing something elaborate.

    Sam x



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