change in contract
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    Default change in contract

    one of my parents has told me that she wants to change her days from tues & wed to wed & thurs does she need to give me 4 weeks notice to change, the reason for this as when i first started i took on a mindee at the weekend for every fortnight and i the thursday was my only day off when she came that weekend now i have no days off one week and 1 the next week. Im going to give my weekender notice as its not working out with family but as i need to give her 4 weeks notice im only going to have 4 days off in 28 days
    what do you think i should do (this parent who is changing her days has already changed her contract from 4 days to 2 days and as is only term time)

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    any changes to a contract would require a notice period which you have set so if your notice period to end a contract is 4 weeks then yes she should remain on her original days for 4 weeks

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    Maybe I'm wrong but sounds like you don't really want to work Thursday as its your day off. Be really careful about agreeing to something you don't want to do as it will only keep niggling you.
    If you are happy to do it once the week end contract finishes then tell the parent, yes you will swap after 4 weeks notice as per contract as you can't do it until then anyway.
    It's your business you don't HAVE to do favours and swaps if you don't want to just be prepared parent might go else where if what you are offering does not suit.

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    I agree with both messyplay and blue bear. Is there a reason parent needs to change her days to include a Thursday or is this just her choice? You need to weigh up if you're likely to lose the whole contract if you refuse and whether or not you can afford to do that but I do think bluebear has a point, if Thursday is your day off you may well end up resenting giving it up if it's just on a parent's whim.

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