Wrap around care and inspection protocol. Advise appreciated!
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    Default Wrap around care and inspection protocol. Advise appreciated!

    Morning eveyone :-)

    I currently have 2 children and both are wrap around care - aged 5 and 10. An inspection date was confirmed and was planned on a day when I had both children after school. I was told inspection would be between 3-4 hours long.

    However, the inspection date has now been changed and I will be inspected during school hours so no children will be present. I was told that because I dont have eyfs children at present, I don't have to be inspected with children there.

    Am I right in thinking that even if I only have wrap around children at present, inspections should be done when children are there?

    It will be the same outcome either way (Met - not met etc) but just curious to know if this is right.

    My main question is would this still be a 3-4 hour inspection as I was told it would be. No children will be present and I'm under the impression this will not be a full inspection as stated in the EY Inspection handbook.

    Shell x

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    It is explained page 6-7 of the new Inspection Handbook. Should be when children present 'if practicable', so no clear answer!
    3-4 hours sounds like a long time for an inspection of there are no children to observe, but it all depends how much detail the inspector wants to go into. Hope it goes well x

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    Default Inspection without children

    Hi shellib
    Have you had your inspection? I am in the same boat as you. However I do have 4 year old in reception and a 3 year old in the school nursery who only does before and after school as well, but she wants to do an inspection without children. I feel that this will disadvantage me as she then can't see how I interact with the children and how happy they are here and my inspection report wont reflect that.



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Wrap around care and inspection protocol. Advise appreciated! Wrap around care and inspection protocol. Advise appreciated! Wrap around care and inspection protocol. Advise appreciated!

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