Ofsted health declaration form
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    Default Ofsted health declaration form

    Hi Im new on this Forum , i recently decided to become a childminder as ive always worked from home it work well for me as im a carer to my son 21 and daughter 24.

    I have been on all the training for the childminding with my local council. Im just waiting for the CRBs to come through then i can register put my Registration in with OFSTED.

    Im just really worried about my health declaration form and what my gp will write.
    In 2010 I suffered from a blood clot which blocked my portal vein and it has causes varices in my gut. I have about 2 visits a year to hospital to see my consultant and he is pleased with my progress and im not having any symptoms from it.
    The conditions I have are grade 2 and 3 oesophageal varices and the clot that blocks my liver but i dont have any symptoms like jaundice or ascites.

    Ive had a few scans and due a gastroscopy in june to band the varices.

    I dont take any medication except just over the counter supplements like iron and zinc.

    I also suffer from heavy periods but they are under control.

    Has anyone been in a similar situation im stressing out.

    Thankyou x

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    I'm sorry you are feeling so stressed about this - perhaps have a chat with your dr and ask him / her if there is anything that would concern them about your health and you being alone with children. From my understanding (from several years ago sorry) the health declaration is to state that you are capable of looking after children (are you physically fit enough to lift them / no bad back etc) are you suffering from a condition where you may pass out - epilepsy or diabetes that is not under control that would endanger the child. Is there serious mental health concerns that means you would not be a suitable person. I'm wondering if there would be some more detailed information about this on the ofsted information page or would the council team that ran your childminder course be able to give some advice. Hopefully someone who has had a similar situation will be able to reassure you.

    Wishing you the very best of luck with your application. Please come back and let us know how you got on and if there were any issues

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    If Ofsted have any concerns about your medical suitability they will ask you to see one of their doctors who will assess you independently.

    ofsted will then act on what their doctors tell them...

    Did you get any advice before going through the registration process from your doctor? S/he should give you some guidance about what they will say and whether they consider you suitable to do the job...

    If you have older children / young adults living at home with health problems as well they will probably flag up on the checks and Ofsted may want to investigate that more.

    Please be prepared for a delay in your registration.

    I hope it goes smoothly for you



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