Early Years Reference Group meeting - 09.2016
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    Default Early Years Reference Group meeting - 09.2016

    My second meeting of the day after a quick lunchtime break was as childminder representative on the Early Years Reference Group (North West).

    You will find information from my first meeting as part of the Ofsted Big Conversation steering group here - http://www.childmindinghelp.co.uk/fo...k-09-16-a.html.

    This Early Years Reference Group meeting had a different flavour entirely – it was about Ofsted sharing information with the sector so we can cascade it to colleagues. Attendees were different too - there were a few representatives from Ofsted, some nurseries and group providers, Local Authority early years leads, trainers and someone from the teaching schools group.

    Some of the things we discussed included -

    New report - Ofsted were keen to share a new report they have recently published with providers. Entitled ‘Unknown Children – destined for disadvantage’ the report looks at how providers can work with parents to bridge the disadvantage gap in the early years and contains useful tips for early years working practice.


    We discussed some of the issues with transition reports in relation to this report. It is not a requirement of the EYFS to write a transition report – if one is written it is given to parents who might not hand it over to the teacher – if the teacher receives it they might not make time to read it anyway. A concern was raised that many vulnerable children fall through the net during the summer, not arriving at their expected school and disappearing off the radar of early years providers who have previously cared for them. Ofsted took our concerns away with them to feed back to DfE.

    Childminder agencies were mentioned – I reminded Ofsted that generally childminders are very passionate about their intention to remain independent and they said that they were aware of this and the drive to introduce agencies is coming from DfE. We must not assume childminder agencies have gone away despite their unpopularity and it will be important to keep updated with what the new incumbents at DfE are thinking on the subject.

    Ofsted inspection in-house – from 1st April all early years inspectors will work directly for Ofsted (Tribal and Prospect will no longer be involved in inspections). Ofsted are aiming for continuous improvement in the inspection process and are working to ensure a seamless transition.

    Revised EYFS – we asked when this might be coming … we were told in the first meeting they didn’t know because of the changes of staff within the DfE slowing everything down and in the second meeting it was reported that there will be a revised EYFS this month!! Changes will include new paediatric first aid requirements for group providers; there will also be reference to the Small Business and Enterprise Act which allows providers to work for up to 50% of their time on other premises such as before and after school clubs on a single registration … as for the any further changes, we will have to wait and see!

    If you have any questions about any of the areas covered, please ask me!

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    Thank you so much Sarah for giving up your free time to attend these meetings on our behalf and for feeding back the information.

    Where you say that the EYFS will be changing shortly, do we know yet if this is just the Stat Framework or will there be changes to the Early Years Outcomes (Development Matters) too?



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Early Years Reference Group meeting - 09.2016 Early Years Reference Group meeting - 09.2016 Early Years Reference Group meeting - 09.2016

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