planning help needed PLS
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    Default planning help needed PLS

    Well the first year of planning wasn't too bad. I had 2 little ones and 3 preschoolers. I planned using themes and covered 6 areas of learning over a week. each activity was adapted to suit ages.
    this was exactly the same way my friend did her planning and she got outstanding.

    Anyway, the preschoolers have all left and started school and i'm left with a 24month old just 2 afternoons a week and an 18mnth old 3 days a week. (must admit i'm loving the 2 days off a week i now get!)

    I have decided to stop doing "themes" as i think these are more suited to preschoolers.

    So how do i now plan?

    It is very difficult to plan to cover the 6 areas when i only have D 2 afts a week from 1pm most of his time is taken up with school run then free play whilst i make tea then eating his tea!

    How do I do long term planning??? it was ok when i was doing themes as i just listed a theme against each month.

    aaarggghhh i just seem to be going round in circles and not getting anywhere!

    Caroline xx

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    Default Re: planning help needed PLS

    You can plan to follow each child's interests...

    So you follow on from observations, assess them against the Eyfs and come up with activities that you know they will enjoy.

    The activities should either consolidate or move forward their L & D.

    I have recently started using continuous provision - I have my CP sheets, then I plan the child's environment using the resources they use most... ICT, construction, books, cooking etc...

    It's working really well but even so I'm always tweaking it. Just the other day I was looking at how I can show more evidence of daily outside play.


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    Default Re: planning help needed PLS

    I dont themes for planning they are for me when I do displays etc or if I want to do an adult led activity.

    Ok my mindee loves the toy kitchen and equipment so to further it we try to use real equipment for real. Yesterday we baked mini muffins. The day before play doh with rolling pins and cutters.

    I let them decide what they like and follow that but keep extending it so Think next week now we will have the indoor sand out with little funnel and corianders in. You will be suprised you can exactly do from one thing.

    I suppose Im moving to more of the CP but Sarah will explain it alot better than I could
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    Default Re: planning help needed PLS

    the oldest child that I have in my setting is 22 months and still try to prepare themes for the oldest one and also, in order to have an objective during the year, don't forget that planning is important but needs to be flexible and takes into account the children's developmental learning and style. My youngest is 8 months and although she is not interested yet in some things I try to do something that she likes, include music, dancing...



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