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Thread: Base lines ??

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    Default Base lines ??

    I do my base lines and summary assessment with in the first two weeks of a child starting. Should these be done again after three months?

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    Baseline, or 'starting points' can only be done once, as that is what it is- the first assessment of where a child is at. Any assessment after that point is looking at progress from the starting points.

    The only statutory assessment is the 2 year check.
    Apart from that you can decide for yourself how often you look at a child's progress and how you do that.

    Once per term or every 6 months are the usual intervals for looking at progress - some might update a tracker sheet at that time, or create a report summerizing progress and next steps. There is no right or wrong. Nothing has to be written down, as long as you know the children and can say where they are in their development, what you are doing to support them and what are their next steps- and that you are involving parents in all that. That is all Ofsted are looking for.

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    I used to update my 'trackers' every 3 months, then it went to 4 months ( ie once a term ) ... I'm thinking it might go to 5 or even 6 months to actually note anything down! I do know exactly where every child is and what i'm doing for them, but with nothing noted down, I'd be lost if asked 'out of the blue' !

    I ask parents to highlight/tick statements on the 'what to expect, when' document, which I use as a base for my baseline assessment. ... not taking the parents word as 'gospel', but to give an indication of wht they think their child is doing!



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