Adult led vs child initiated learning...
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    Default Adult led vs child initiated learning...

    We've always believed that we should be providing a balance of adult-led and child initiated learning and we have worked hard to ensure children's days are full of fun and play based on this Eyfs requirement.

    A NEW blog for schools from Nick Gibb MP argues strongly that 'teacher-led instruction' produces the best educational outcomes for children.

    He concludes by saying 'The most effective, teacher-led practices should be twinned with a knowledge-rich curriculum. That is how evidence can and should be turned into policy, action and change.'

    I wonder how long it will take to filter down into early years practice... especially as a new Eyfs is due soon!

    Nick Gibb: the evidence in favour of teacher-led instruction - Speeches - GOV.UK

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    I read his speech with happiness but despair too that people would think he is advocating boring teacher led experiences.
    Over my life and career I have embraced lots of different styles of teaching, I was funded by the government to go to Australia to explore their creative led curriculum, I have led training on real reading, phonics, emergent maths, critical thinking.... But I always, like you said Sarah kept to a balance.
    I mainly taught in areas of deprivation and so can understand the latest findings too.
    I personally think that good quality adult led knowledge based learning is vital for children to gain foundations in learning....but that doesn't mean boring, teacher at the front learning, adult led can still be fun, exploratory and exciting, balanced with other methods too, but not overtaken then children stand a chance of success.

    I hope he is not dictating a complete swing to adult led over child initiated, I have observed wonderful EY adult led teaching where children have also been able to initiate their own learning within it. I think with knowledge children are better equipped to initiate their own learning too.

    Like you I await with interest the interpretation of this speech and how that will influence future EY curriculums.

    Great signposting Sarah.

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