Good music website - inspires ideas....
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    Default Good music website - inspires ideas....

    Just sharing:
    The Autumn Fairy : Songs For Autumn

    All our latest Autumn collections are in a tray. Hidden underneath is a homemade Autumn fairy inspired by this web site to be discovered......she has a tiny 'pocket' / bag ( we love letters in pockets !) the letter explains that she sneaked in to our collection baskets when she saw us collecting, her friends have flown off to a warmer country, she is lonely and thought we all looked nice when she saw....being kind to her friend when she cried...( this happened). " we didn't see her!" - prompt camouflage talk. "She can stay in our Fairy land - they are missing their friend" ( we lost one in the summer and every day someone looks for her as part of the garden play)! I highlight the kindness for the day started...fairy garden, trying to give her things she will like - autumn fruits, small world play around visitors. Making a new bed because she is bigger, finding a big leaf to cover her....all on their own, lovely open ended play.
    Next day - lovely post lady knocks with a 3 playmobil pirate chests with a label ( set up) ' to the kind children at.......'
    Post lady wondered if the children in this house were the kind children - lots of examples given so chests delivered.....
    Her luggage with little things ( either playmobil or lego put always because too small - this was supervised). Lots of talk opportunities around contents... Another day session - from this website. We've been tapping the syllables of our name so we extended today with Autumn Fairy things conkers, acorn, pine cone, helocopter....worked a treat - look up the rhythm cards on this website - used idea and changed Autumn fruits. ..... After The 3rd Sunday coffee I am going to make a couple of Autumn Fairy tabbards for next week.....

    Anyway...all this was inspired by this websites Autumn fairy, lots of good ideas .... My 2 year olds love the rythmn activities, we have my version of the animals on our piano keys, the story ideas are good too as are her idea for top 10 classical tunes.

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    Many thanks for sharing, Flora Dora. This is a great website!!

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    Thanks for the link, I'll use it this week to link in with some of our activities xx



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Good music website - inspires ideas.... Good music website - inspires ideas.... Good music website - inspires ideas....

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