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Thread: Business plan

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    Question Business plan


    I am trying to write up a business plan but as I have not began childminding I am not sure what to put for the part that mentions the fee's How can I do this when I do not know how many children I am allowed to care for.This would be guess work!!

    What has other people done with this part of the form and has anyone got a example of what to put on the form as a whole.


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    I based mine upon typical charges in the area and the minimum I would like to earn based on how many children I'd like to have on books.

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    If this is a business plan for a child minding course then I'd keep it brief and simple- find your average local fees and use that. EYFS says how many children you can care for so just go with that (assuming you won't be limited because of some health reason or because your setting floor area is smaller than required).

    If this is a business plan because you are seriously working out the viability of your business then you do need to look at scenarios and fees to work out if you are going to be able to make enough money- you can think out 'what if I had 1/2/3+ children at £xx per hour etc', think about how many hours in a day you want to work, term-time only or all-year-round etc. You LA can tell you what CM fees are in your area, or ask around, check on etc.

    If this is a business plan to apply for some kind of loan or grant then you need to check out what is really expected of you- ask the people who supplied the form.



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