Play plans for EYFS aged children
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    Default Play plans for EYFS aged children

    Child’s play plan

    You can find a sample play plan in this forum thread -

    Chinese New Year - Feb week 1 planning

    At Knutsford Childminding, our play plan is a monthly document which contains lots of information including -

    Observations and assessments -

    I write about 3 - 4 observations a month, using notes from inside and outside play, outings and comments from home (I try to get 1 from each) and link them to the EYFS areas of learning making 'best fit' judgements rather than using the Development Matters guidance as a tick list.

    I note observations from the specific as well as prime areas of learning for all children - just because the EYFS tells us that the prime areas are the most important I am not going to ignore a child's imagination, love of books, enjoyment of outings or skill at dancing!!

    Observations -

    Play and Observation

    Observation prompts and other useful advice and sample forms -

    Observing Children

    Assessment sheets -

    eyfs assessment sheets

    Assessments 2012

    This document gives information about the observation, assessment and planning cycle -

    Overview of assessment

    Individual planning -

    There is little point in putting together a Learning Journey file if it does not help you plan for the child’s future learning and development and contain contributions from the child and parents about what the child is learning at home. I use my play plan, carrying 'next steps' planning ideas forward each month.

    Information about PLODS -


    Learning stories blog -

    Sarah's Blog: Learning stories for childminders

    Areas of learning and development information -

    Areas of Learning and Development

    Involvement in group activities -

    All children are welcome to join in our group activities which are linked to the seasons, home and children’s interests and the wider world. However, they are usually for the over 3s and younger children if they show an interest.
    School aged children and the EYFS -

    School Age Children and EYFS

    Continuous provision links -

    Continuous Provision

    Wellbeing indicator

    The EYFS 2012 states that we must note when a child’s wellbeing deteriorates. If we record their normal wellbeing we will be much better placed to spot concerns.

    I use a smiley / sad face on my play plan each week to note wellbeing.

    Sharing learning with home -

    Ideas for parents about learning that might be shared at home.

    Childminding Forum post -

    Involving parents in planning - sharing learning with home

    Working with parents advice and suggestions -

    Documents for working with parents

    Links to the EYFS -

    Development Matters links to make sure I am not missing anything!

    Development Matters Guidance

    Development Matters overview -

    Development Matters Overview

    If you find any further links or free helpful information please add them to this thread

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    only just seen this, thank you Sarah x



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Play plans for EYFS aged children Play plans for EYFS aged children Play plans for EYFS aged children

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