Hi not sure if I am posting in the right place I was a childminder for a number of years and ran a successful busy business . I was getting lonely wanted to get back into the work place and wanted to reclaim my house so to speak and it just so happened one of my mindee parents was a nursery manager and she offered me a part time job I had never worked in a nursery before and worked my way up to Deputy manager but now I want out pf the pressure the responsibility and paperwork. Anyway we have been short staffed of late and have had to resort to using agency staff as we have no bank neither did our local nurseries . The Agency charges us £14 per hour this got me thinking could I be a self employed nursery nurse? Is that even a thing like freelance? So I have NVQ level 3, level 3 in safeguarding my first aid and food hygiene plus a long list to boot and I am on the DBS update service. Could I offer my services as an alternative to an agency? I would only work locally and I know all my local nurseries and managers. I was thinking of charging £10 per hour I would just basically invoice them when they have finished with my service. I would be registered self employed as a sole trader. Could this work? Guessing I would like be a one man ban early years agency