Independent minding as a career
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    Default Independent minding as a career

    Ive recently thought to opt childminding as a career (childminding in own premises, wraparound care) .my application in process with ofsted . I would be taking care of 8+ years (voluntary register). I am afraid if it realky is worth as already suffered a setback ( did accounting diploma and left in the middle as i was unable to find work placement). It disappointed me so much that i just left it and didnt explore jobs . Now dont want to confront another failure. Childminding doesn't need any course from college and no work experience is required as taking care of elder children unlike an accounting diploma in which i spent a lot. My purpose is not to earn money i just want to remain busy as my children are older and i feel bored at home. As an independent childminder , keeping only 2 or 3 kids at a time doing their pick drop n taking care of them I think will be a good idea to keep myself busy. But again question is will i be able to get few children. I cant afford another failure. I was browsing my local council n only in my area within 1 mile there are 30 childminders. Not sure what to do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by asht View Post
    will i be able to get few children. I cant afford another failure. I was browsing my local council n only in my area within 1 mile there are 30 childminders
    Unfortunately it's not that easy a question to answer I'm afraid - how long is a piece of string?

    Sounds like you really need to do some market research in your area to find out if there's an actual need for care of older children
    Speak to the childminders, maybe see how many schools already have before and after school clubs, are they well attended? Do they have waiting lists?

    Older children are not always the easier option as they can be hormonal, argumentative, eat like horses, angry, bitchy, sulky, have big attitudes, be resentful about having to be minded etc
    That's not to say you don't get some lovely pre teens hahaha, but generally speaking, older kids can be a pain lol
    What about school holidays - would you be able to enjoy having them all day?

    Childminding older kids also means they leave after a couple of years - normally once they start high school at 11, so that may need to be considered too, and of course parents that may start having another child might want their older child and baby to stay at the same setting, by not being registered for under 8's, will that affect your potential to earn consistently....

    Lots to consider

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    Wonderful advice given already. You didn’t say how old your kids are as maybe you could consider being a part time nanny? A friend of mine worked Monday - Thursday 3.30 to 7pm for a lovely family. She collected 2 kids from school, ages roughly 7 & 9, took them home to their house, made dinner for everyone in the family (but working parents meals in oven to stay warm) then sat with the kids till parents came back. She really enjoyed it as she had all day to potter in her own home, no eyfs to do, no paperwork at all and her home remained her home!!!!

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    Doing over 8s only is very limited. So many will have younger sibling who the families want to keep together. Also, by age 8 they will already have a childcare solution usually- at an afterschool club or another childminder. You rarely see a family looking for a new provider for age 8+ only.
    There are few requirements for training etc but it is not 'easy' as has been mentioned. Put a few 8, 9, 10 year olds together, tired after a day at school and testing the boundaries, and you can have a major headache in more ways than one!
    But, if your local school does not have an afterschool club then talk to them, see what families are needing.
    If you are looking to keep busy and enjoy working with children, and don't need to be earning an income, have you looked into volunteering at Guides, Scouts or similar? So much to be gained from volunteering and you can get as involved as you want.

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