Why is she still looking??
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    Question Why is she still looking??

    I am in week 3 of my new baby mindee, she comes to me 2 long days a week and she has settled really well

    I initially contacted mum through childcare.co.uk, I check childcare every single day and I have noticed mum is still logging in nearly everyday

    She seems really happy with my service and like I said baby has settled really well so WHY is she still logging in???

    Makes me feel a little uneasy iyswim?? x
    Is it Friday yet?

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    I know what you mean...I started minding two schoolies and their mom logged on a couple of times in the first week and it made me worried but turned out she was logging in to get my mobile number.

    Another reason could be that she is just replying back to people who have emailed her.

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    I posted something very similar about a year ago and LO stayed with me and mum eventually stopped looking...

    I think Loushah is right - she's probably just getting messages from other childminders and responding to them.

    Try not to worry!


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    I e-mailed a lady last week through childcare.co.uk and she replied the same day saying she is no longer looking for childcare, i casually mentioned it to my friend (cm) and she said 'oh thats t's mom' 't' has been with my friend a couple of months.



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Why is she still looking?? Why is she still looking?? Why is she still looking??

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