None payment of notice fee's
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    Default None payment of notice fee's

    Mum text me on 20th Dec saying she wants to end the contract which she only signed on 17th as she thinks 'It's a Micky take' that I want paying for the holidays she's planning to take over the Christmas period. Her little one has been coming to me since March and we only signed a new contract because she was changing days/times. The holiday terms in the second contract are the same as in the first. She pays for her holidays and I don't charge for any I take. Is it worth persuing notice period fee's of £200 which she is refusing to pay? What is the minimmum amount NCMA will help you claim back?

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    I would contact NCMA for advice, but not sure what their minimum is, I know some minders on here have problems with them.
    Personally I would want to persue it as a matter of principle!
    ***** proofed the house but they're still getting in!

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    I would pursue as a matter of principle too.

    Cheeky mooey (her not you! lol)

    Put EVERYthing in writing now -no more texts. Keep all correspondence from her and keep a copy of everything you send.

    NCMA have a limit of £150 from which they will pursue. however its just as easily done by you.

    Write her a letter outlining the information and highlighing the relevant sections in a copy of the contract. if you want help - just give us a shout

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    She gets paid for her holidays so why shouldn't you. Cheeky whatsit.
    Nicki xxx



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None payment of notice fee's None payment of notice fee's None payment of notice fee's

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