Activity ideas for older children.
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    Default Activity ideas for older children.

    I currently look after a brother and sister, girl aged 4 and a half, boy 7 and a half (and once or twice a week another 6 year old boy).
    With the exception of the 6 year old, the brother and sister I look after for an hour before school, then they both go off for the day (the 4 year old is in full time preschool and will be going to school in sept), and then for 2 hrs after school.

    What sort of activities do you think I could do, or would be good for them with limited time. Something that they would both find beneficial, but would also still conform within some EYFS as I presume that I would still have to do some stuff with the younger girl?

    Any advice, suggestions would be gratefully appreciated x

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    i dont do organized activities after school as they are ususaly to tired and just want to chill and do their own thing after school,,, if they ask to do somthing that i did with the youngers ones during the day then they can or sometimes they ask to do baking put generaly they just play.
    they have access to lego, knex, wii, tv, garden toys like ride on toys, sand pit, mud pie kitchen (a definate favourite), blankets for den building, prams
    then they can ask to have things out like hama beads, jewlary beads, plasticine, paints, bits and bobs for sticking.
    they do a lot of pretend play and as they can access paper and pens they make up menus or tickets for their clubs etc.



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