Safeguarding issue or not?
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    Default Safeguarding issue or not?

    Hi all,
    I have an issue with two parents that are separaetd. They were amicable but now hate each other.
    The mother has stopped the father from seeing the child and is accusing him of emotional abuse.
    The father is also in touch with me and is accusing the mother of neglect and emotional abuse.
    Is the is just parents bickering or should I report this by making a referral?
    The child is 5 years old and seems happy to me but has seemed emotional when talking about missing her dad which is understandable. She is home educated by her mother so she doesn't attend a school that I can liaise with. Feeling a bit out of my depth here. I don't want to get anyone into trouble unnecessarily but abuse is abuse? Do I just keep my eye on this, or do I act now?
    Wat would you all do?
    Lisa x
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    Oh my goodness, what a situation to be in. Hugs to you, and the little girl.

    ( can I suggest that you contact a moderator ... Mouse? To remove your name? Just to be on the safe side )

    I think, in this case, I would be documenting what everyone is saying, including the child, and keeping it in the child's file. I would then be giving one of my early years advisors a call to ask their advice, or we can call the safeguarding unit and have an 'anonymous' chat/ask advice. It might be that they ask you make a referral; just so they have it on their system to build up a picture.

    Take care xxx

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    What a horrible situation for you to be in.

    I would look on your local safeguarding partnership website and see if they have a number you can phone for advise. They really should do. You should be able to talk through it with someone and they can tell you whether or not it reaches the threshold for making a referral.

    In the meantime, make a note of everything that's said by all parties - times, dates etc.

    Come back here for support for yourself. It's horrible to be caught up in something like this.



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Safeguarding issue or not? Safeguarding issue or not? Safeguarding issue or not?

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