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Thread: Starting Points

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    Default Starting Points

    I'm thinking I need to redesign my starting points form.

    I used to do a few sentences for each of the 7 areas of learning (using things the parents have told me and things I have observed on visits).

    Now that I am starting with babies just over a year old I am thinking that I might just do the three prime areas, as there is so much overlap at this age. For example, a child spent quite a while investigating stacking cups - this could come under PSED, Maths or Physical.

    Also, do you put next steps on your starting points?

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    I do a starting points report, only prime areas for under 3s (any comments for specific areas can be incorporated into Prime areas). I collect input from parents and base it on my initial obs from first couple of weeks or so (depending on how child settles).
    I do do Next Steps on starting points report, but all my next steps are for the adults not the child - this seems to be the way we should be moving to with new EYFS, I heard on one of the webinars. So it is not 'next step is for child to do xyz' (because child development is not linear and they may develop in a miriad of directions). Instead, it is 'Over the next 6 months we can support Freddy by...' (encouraging...., teaching...., supporting him to...., Providing experiences to... etc), so that includes parents and CMer.

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