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Thread: doggy, birdie

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    Default doggy, birdie

    What are your thoughts on the words 'doggy', 'birdie' and other such words?

    I was reading an Ofsted report the other day and a childminder got pulled up for using the word 'doggy'. Now, I am SURE I read somewhere in some study or text book, that it was actually ok to do this with young children, but not to use incorrect/simplified grammar, such as 'Let's go see', or 'Daddy go work'. I totally agree with the grammar bit, but I'm a bit on the fence with the doggy/birdie/horsey thing because I think we naturally drop it as the toddlers turn into children.

    Or, is it deemed ok to use with your own child but not in a professional context as a childminder?

    What are your thoughts? Does anyone know of any recent research which says that we should definitely NOT use doggy/birdie...

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    I don't know about any research, but I always use dog/ bird/ horse etc from the word go, and have done ever since I started working with children/ was doing my training.

    I don't tell a child they were wrong ... more, if they point to sky and say birdie, then I say, yes I can see a bird/ the birds etc.

    I always use correct grammar etc as well .... my 'problem' is the local way of speaking ' I aren't doing it ' and 'mine' not my .... ' it's mine coat ' !!! I'm used to it, and model 'correct' grammar ... except that it IS correct here! ( it took me a fair while to get my ear in to listen to readers as the accent is different to what I 'know' ! I love it though. )

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    I agree with loocyloo and have always used dog/bird etc and I don't correct children just model language by repeating it back.
    Pixie Dust

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