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    Default Cheeky Wipes

    Do any of you use cheeky wipes for your mindees?

    How are they different to a regular flannel that you could use and reuse which cost a fraction of the price?

    Pardon my ignorance!

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    I just have drawer full of old flannels, and the children get one out if they need to wash their faces, and then it goes in the washing basket by the washing machine! They also randomly get used to mop up spills on the table etc ( things i'd use kitchen towel for ) and when the basket is full ... usually in a few days, i put them through a hot wash, dry them on airer or aga, and they are good to go! some are looking a bit tatty, but they do the job!

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    I’ve got Cheeky Wipes. They’re smaller and thinner than flannels. I think the main difference is when you use them more like a wet wipe.

    They go in a box in a solution of water and essential oil and you just take them out as you need them. Once used, they go in a waterproof bag by the washing machine and I wash a load of them once the bag is full.

    I’ve also got a small waterproof bag that I can put some in when we go out.

    I’ve got 2 boxes with different coloured wipes in. One lot I use for hands and faces and one lot I use for bottoms (although not dirty nappies. I still use wet wipes for those). They all get washed together, I just prefer to keep different colours for different uses.

    I do like them, but I don’t think they’re essentials at all.

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