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    Default Toys for 3 years +

    What sort of toys do your 3 years and older children enjoy most?

    The ones I have seem to be getting bored with the toys I set out and don't engage with them for more than a few minutes before drifting on to something else. They then end up wandering aimlessly form one thing to another. I've asked what they like to play with and what they play with at home, but I'm still none the wiser. One told me he plays with his tablet at home and everything he talks about is a game he plays on it.

    I want something that is going to hold their interest for more than a few minutes at a time.

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    Same here! I do find that on the whole children seem to have a smaller attention span these days for anything less than electronic!

    One of mine is into the wooden trains and very complicated tracks, and woebetide anyone who messes it up!

    I've got knex and some magnetic building sets .... little sticks with ball bearings and also some flat shapes ( squares, triangles etc ) that have magnets in the sides that they can build with. No idea what either of these sets are actually called.
    The other things the older ones love are a big box of marble run stuff. I got frustrated with the plastic one and have now got lots of wooden bits and hundreds of marbles! And also some wooden 'meccano'.

    The other thing they like are a gears set from learning resources.

    I can't get anyone interested in puzzles at the moment, but we do play pairs and lotto a fair bit. I've got another game that bobs worms up and down out of an apple and you have to try and grab them ( but only your colour ) that keeps them busy for a while sometimes!

    Good luck xx

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    My 3+ ones love being outside basically making a mess mud/water etc inside they are really into playing with the dolls. They also love building with blocks. Anything I set up gets abandoned quite quickly unless its some form of messy sensory play. They are doing a lot of drawing too we were getting through so much paper I am currently using wipe boards.
    Pixie Dust

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    Kitchen play inside and out , cars, baking puzzles, books. Have a lot of toys and I think that is one of the problems nowadays , too much choice.

    Mine also like best too be outside on balance bike, scooters etc

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