Stepping on toes?
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    Default Stepping on toes?

    In terms of advertising, do you ever feel that you are stepping on other minders' toes?

    I never used to do where I lived, because both supply and demand were great and so you never really felt like you were competition for each other. London being London, I didn't really know many other childminders anyway, and the population was transient, so they would come and go like everyone else.

    Here though, it's a bit more community orientated and people have lived here for most of their lives etc etc, so I don't want to be seen as the new minder on the block who is trying to barge in and steal everyone's potential clients.

    I do want to get my name out there a bit more though, but I am so nervous about stepping on toes if you know what I mean.

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    I totally understand where you are coming from!

    I moved from an area with 30plus minders, to a small town with 2, and me! Within a few weeks of me being there, and having a poster in my window ( I was living near school at that point ), the minder who lived nearby ... told me she was stopping and going to nanny instead!

    I asked the teachers at school to point out the local minders to me, and introduced myself. They said they thought there would be interest/enough work, and the one who subsequently gave up, gave her current families my details!

    I then went to the local toddler groups in surrounding villages and introduced myself to any minders there, and parents. There have always been very few childminders, and I only met one who wasn't that friendly or interested. ( She lived furthest from me and our paths have never crossed since in almost 10 years! ) Everyone shares info, passes details on etc, and as far as i know, no one felt i was stepping on toes. I'd love someone to start up locally to me!

    I think you've had it hard with lockdown Maza. Once you get out and about, visiting toddler groups/coffee shops/libraries and anywhere, then people will get to know you. I also recommend talking to health visitors(although ours are totally useless )/Drs and putting your details up at surgeries, and seeing if schools will put your details up.

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