Late payment Fee
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    Default Late payment Fee

    Have you ever charged anyone a late payment fee? Would you ever? Under what circumstances would you? (don't say "Late payment"!!).

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    I'm usually quite relaxed as long as the parents let me know. Our city seems to get traffic jams alot.

    I have charged once when parents turned up together an hour and half later as they decided to nip to the pub. They weren't impressed with the late fee for 2 children but strangely were never late again
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    I charge a late payment fee if monthly fees are late being paid WITHOUT parent informing me. I have a few who pay using voucher companies, and these can never pay out over a weekend, plus if a parent doesn't get paid until the 18th month, and the voucher company takes 2-4 working days to pay a 'claim', I don't get paid till a few days into the start of the month! However, all parents do know this, and tell me.

    When I started childminding, I had a mum who was useless at remembering to pay me, even with reminders! She used to automatically add on 3 days late fees when she paid! And when she didn't need to, she'd always say. Keep it for when i'm even later paying!

    I charge parents who are late to collect ( or early to drop off ), and ask that they always let me know if they want a late collection ( or early drop off ). If they let me know, and it is going to be more than 10/15 mins, then I add an extra half hour or hour to their invoice the following month. I've not had any parents take advantage though, and I have had to say to parents that if i am going to be out, they will have to come and find me and their child where ever I am, or arrange some one else to collect their child at the normal time.

    If they don't let me know, then I say I will charge a higher fee. I've never had to charge it!

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    I never have. I have had a couple of circumstances where a nursery or tougher childminder would have charged, but generally my parents have been good - touch wood.

    If you are thinking of charging a late fee though, I would definitely cover yourself by putting in writing a reminder or warning that you will adding a late fee if x,y,z happens. Don't just apply it out of the blue, even if it is in your written policy which you know the parent has a copy of, or if you mentioned it on the initial visit.

    Good luck.



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