Messy and sensory play
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    Default Messy and sensory play

    I'm not sure I provide enough of these often do you offer these and what do you do?

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    it varies!

    If we can get out and about, then a large amount of sensory and messy play happens whilst we are out! ... sand/water/mud/moss/plants/listening/smelling/tasting etc

    at home I have loose parts available, which can be sensory.

    We do playdough, painting ( using hands etc ), water play, sand play, small world set ups in small trays, light boxes, instruments, foam/cornflour & water, dried pasta/lentils/rice for pouring/spooning/, mixing. Things to touch/taste/smell/listen/look for etc.

    There is usually a sensory or messy type activity set up or at least, available every day, but it does depend on what we are doing, and who is here !!!!

    As long as the children are busy and engaged with a variety of activities, then i don't think you need a hard and fast rule about how/ when activities are available.

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    Less than I used to.

    My current mindee isn't really into it and it doesn't keep him occupied for long, so I spend more time setting up and washing up afterwards. All the children I have had in the past loved this type of activity and so in turn it inspired me to provide it in lots of different ways. It seems more expensive too if you provide something which doesn't hold their interest for long.

    Today we had coloured salt out in a tray with pouring/scooping equipment, which he did enjoy for a few minutes, and we did some mark making in it together for about three seconds. On Wednesday we played in the outdoor kitchen with water and pine cones. That's been it for this week because we have had longer time to spend in the woods (due to it being half term and me not having to be around to supervise DD with her homeschooling - she could come out with us). We would normally probably do some painting and/or playdough in the week.

    My mindee does enjoy splashing in puddles and squelching through mud - very sensory and messy! We've done a lot of that this week.

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    I don't cope well with messy messy play, so there's a limited amount of that. My mud kitchen must be the cleanest one around - I only allow sand and water in it We use soil for planting or pretend planting, but I try to keep it dry. I often use shaving foam, but I count that as clean messy play.

    We have playdough out nearly every day. Sometimes it's a longer play with it using playdough mats, tools, decorations etc. Sometimes it's just the playdough itself brought out at the end of the day when everything else has been tidied away. I find it a quick, relaxing activity before home time, especially if it's scented.

    I use dry pasta, rice and lentils for pouring & scooping activities. We also did a lot of ice play when it was very cold. That was fun...and clean!



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