Have you downsized your paperwork?
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    Default Have you downsized your paperwork?

    So, after reading time and time again that Ofsted will not want to see so much paperwork these days - other than what is mentioned in the EYFS - I have finally bucked up the courage to get rid of a load of stuff. I went through my policies this morning. It's almost funny how many I had in my folder - all those hours of my life spent writing them. I have now got lots of plastic wallets as a result of me down sizing my policies! Feels rather nice.

    Have you got rid of/stopped doing tons of stuff?

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    Maza I don't have a lot of paperwork and at my last inspection the inspector really wasn't that interested in it it was more about knowing where the children were in their development and how I was moving them forward. I only have a handful of policies and my planning is minimal. I did get 'Outstanding ' which was a major shock but she said it was because I knew the children so well amongst other things. You definitely don't need reams of paperwork but I know some people have it as a safety net.
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    I do have a pile of policies, which over time I have come to decide I need. but I just check them through once a year, and sign/date them ( or print new ones if necessary! ) ... mine are all in the folder i show to prospective parents.

    I keep daily diaries for all under 4s and each week, I have an A4 sheet that lists what we did/what my 'plan' was/and what i 'might' do next week for each individual child. it also has a space to put any comments from parents. i can fit about 10 on a page, IF i needed that many. It doesn't really take any time, and then on a friday afternoon, i cut it up and stick it in child's scrapbook. I don't do it for Ofsted though. I do it for me, as it helps me keep track of each child! Also, should Ofsted ever visit me, i can easily look up any child to talk about them in case i have a mind blank ( which is very likely when put on the spot! )

    I do observations etc on 2simple and email to parents monthly. I find them quick & easy to do as i'm going along throughout the day on my phone.

    I obviously have contracts, medical file and attendance register.

    I have a list of Risk assessments, which again, get checked/amended/signed yearly or sooner if required.

    I have rough 'monthly' planning linked to my book of the month, but i usually just follow the children's lead! I did a 3 yr plan/cycle for the books about 6 plus years ago now ... so its not time consuming at all anymore!

    Think that's it on the paperwork front!

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Have you downsized your paperwork? Have you downsized your paperwork? Have you downsized your paperwork?

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