Existing Injury Forms
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    Default Existing Injury Forms


    How are you all managing existing injury forms during the pandemic?

    Mindee fell over last night at home and has cut his lip. Mum sent me a WhatsApp giving details and a photo. He's fine, but obviously I need to record it. I have filled out my usual existing injury form and signed it myself. Do I need to get parent to sign it during the pandemic or can I refer to the WhatsApp message on the form instead of them physically signing it?

    I know we pass the child back and forth between each other, but after a mini scare last week with testing I want to minimise physical contact as much as I can with the parents.

    Will the form (unsigned by parents) and the WhatsApp message be enough to cover me in terms of insurance and Ofsted?


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    With any forms I’ve had to get parents to sign, I’ve emailed them a copy and asked them to print it out at home. They then sign it and put it in the child’s bag to return it.

    I’d have thought a form completed by you and a WhatsApp message should be enough to cover you, but you could always check with your insurance company. I’m sure settings where they use an online system don’t get physical signatures.

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