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Thread: Parents!!!!

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    Default Parents!!!!

    I have been telling my parents about tax free child care since it started and mention it on every termly newsletter ...

    Today, I had a parent tell me all about it and say I ought to accept it! I do!!!!

    Same parent then asked why I only offer 3hrs or 6.5 hrs funding sessions a day ... Because that's what I offer to cover a school day as before and after school is different and free play/ school runs etc. As explained in words of one syllable in funding letter I gave them.
    Then I had to explain that I don't offer additional 15hrs funding, that it was not compulsory for me to offer any funding, and i offer it as a kindness to parents as it's a nuisance for me! Again ... all explained in funding letter!

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    That is so frustrating!

    I've told one of my parents about tax free childcare so many times. When I first mentioned it she said they didn't qualify as they earn too much. She was talking about tax credits so I told her tax free childcare was different. I've given her the link to the childcare choices website, I've written down how it works and how much they would save and, like you, I mention it and put the link in my newsletter. She's still got it in her head that it's tax credits, so I've given up talking to her about it.
    Knowing what she's like though, I can well imagine she'll turn round in the future and ask why I haven't told her about it!

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