My childminding child told his mum I hit and shout at him
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    Default My childminding child told his mum I hit and shout at him


    Please could anyone help me, I’m notified that a child I have taken care of for 1.5 years has told his mum I’ve hit him on the face and shouted at him. I know the parents well and they think he’s starting to tell fibs but at the same time I’m so upset, I’ve called them in for a meeting which went well but has still upsetting. I’m thinking what is this child going to say next he’s only 2.5 years old. I think there a lot of things going on at home also but advice would be great thank you, I’m trying to write up an incident form but I don’t know where to start

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    Hi I'm sorry you have experienced this and this happened to me a few years back when the younger boy of the two brothers I had told his parents that I had hurt him. No detail was given by the child except for that. They took both boys away and I was upset as I thought we had a good working relationship and I put this in a letter to them. A few months down the line I had an unexpected visit from the mum with her bringing me a huge bouquet of flowers as an apology as she then believed me as her son had started saying his grandad hurt him. He was about 2 years old at the time. It seems your parents understand that kids tell fibs and are still happy for you to care for him so all I would say is put everything in writing that has happened so you have evidence if ever needed.

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    Formally, that is an allegation against you and you should follow your safeguarding policy. Hope it works out with this family, all the best x

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    Oh you poor thing

    As above, follow your safeguarding policy, with regards to where you start, start from... at xx time on the (date) I was contacted by..... and retell what happened as if you were telling one of us - what mum said, what you replied with, that you arranged a meeting, and the conversation had.....

    Remember the who, what, why, where, when and how when writing your report.
    Get mum to sign and give her a copy.

    On the plus side - Mum is supportive, that counts for a lot in the current climate, and whilst it is 'tall tales' where you are concerned, it could be that child has witnessed this behaviour (TV, sibling's game etc) or even experienced it from someone themselves, so be on the look out for any other changes in behaviour.
    Moving forward, note every single untruth child says daily and get mum to sign record so you can at least be seen to be transparent.

    Good luck

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My childminding child told his mum I hit and shout at him My childminding child told his mum I hit and shout at him My childminding child told his mum I hit and shout at him

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