Childminding when child doesn't go into reception
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    Default Childminding when child doesn't go into reception

    Does anyone know how things work if a child doesn't go into reception and stays with them?

    Am i right in thinking reception isn't compulsory, so parents wouldn't have to say they are home-schooling? I would carry on having the child 4 days a week, so would I just carry on following the EYFS with them?

    I see two options. Firstly, parents say they're home-schooling and I'm providing childcare. In that case, they're responsible for the education. Or, I'm the educational setting and follow the EYFS to provide the education.

    I assume I could carry on claiming their 30 hours funded childcare for as long as they stay with me. Parents are waiting for a suitable school place, which possibly happen in time for September, but the child will start school as soon as they have a place. It's not deferring school for a year, it's waiting for a place to become available.

    Has anyone got any experience or thoughts?

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    Only guessing but I would think you just carry on as you are until they leave to start school. Maybe check with your L.A.

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    Its my understanding you would need to follow the EYFS - I have one who is starting with me at the end of the month and is deferring the entry to school (so would go straight into year 1) School is not compulsory until the year they turn 5 so the parents don't have to home school. The school would be following the EYFS and trying to get the children to achieve the early learning goals by the end of reception year.
    However Im pretty sure schools would also be looking at their own learning goals as to where they want the child to be by the end of that reception year.
    I don't particularly see things like early writing or developing phonics beyond what I do with pre-schoolers (ie 2 and 3 year olds) as a strength of mine as most of mine leave for school so I am going to have to to up my game! I'm quite nervous about the whole thing especially as we have the most amazing early years / reception class at our local school!



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