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Thread: Advice!

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    Default Advice!

    A parent contacted me yesterday to say their child wouldn't be coming today as their child had continued to be ill all through last week and they were going to look after them at home and take them to the doctor. I then planned my whole day today around the child not coming only to get a text this morning 1 hour before they were due to say actually they will send them afterall as they seem better and have i remembered they are dropping off earlier today (a favour i was doing them).
    What would you have done, i told them i had planned around them not being here as thats what they had told me yesterday but i was really pee'd off with them for the way they went about it, so maybe i didn't handle it too well!
    What would you all have done?

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    Oh how utterly irritating.

    I think I would have sucked it up and had the child. Maybe I would have let slip a comment like you did because of being caught off guard. Just cherish the fact that it works both ways and we 'occasionally' get an hours notice of a child NOT coming in - big bonus if they were your only mindee booked in for that day!

    Parents don't always think about how these things will affect us. It's not like a nursery where they can't alter their plans just because one child isn't coming in. Maybe your comment will make them be a little more considerate next time.

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    I had similar happen yesterday - one mindee's parent works in a Private school and they have 2 weeks off for half term, so I didn't have the child last week and wasn't supposed to be coming this week either, however mum had mentioned she may phone to arrange for her to come one day this week so mum could do something with the older children - however yesterday I had Dad phone up, saying mum was in bed with sickness bug and could I have my mindee as he works from home and couldn't keep an eye on all 3 of them and could he drop her round in 15 mins! Luckily although I had thought I would have an easy day with just 2 children, it didn't really make any difference and parent had paid in full for the 2 weeks, so I would have felt guilty saying she couldn't come.

    We spend lots of time outside yesterday as I had one who had bad cough, one who had temperature and one with a mum with sick bug - trying to keep the bugs out of my home!!



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