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Thread: HALF TERM !!!

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    Default HALF TERM !!!

    OK! .. so how come it is already October half term? !!!

    I know I lost a couple of weeks midway through this halfterm, but I'm still getting used to it being 2017 !!

    is everyone working? anyone got any amazing plans?

    I had today off, and so dragged my children to flamingoland for lunch! ( we really like one of the restuarants there, AND as pass holder, we get a discount! WIN WIN! ) we watched their Halloween show and even my 15yr old DS enjoyed it!

    working the rest of the week.. catching up with friends, getting out & about exploring and also going to visit a new farm that has opened up near us. I'm going to try and stave off Halloween craft but will have to see where the children take me! ( I have my box of decorations etc down, so I am prepared! )

    Happy Half term everyone!

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    Well done on getting your 15 year old out of the house and enjoying something!

    School holidays are always quieter for me as I only look after pre-school aged children and a couple of those are term time only. I'm also only working till Wednesday then I'm off to stop with my eldest son for a long weekend. I usually end up doing his housework and catching up on his washing while I'm there, but he's said that this weekend he doesn't want me doing anything and I should have a complete rest. I bet he'll be hiding all the washing in a cupboard until I've gone home again

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    We went to the children's centre yesterday, lots of craft, such a lovely day. Only expecting one child Tuesday -Friday and he's off poorly today. Poor chap

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    I can’t believe a half a term has passed already. I was reminded when I visited a local National trust garden and there were several ladies with a number of children with them doing a grand job of educating and creating opportunities to talk and discover in the woodland environment. All the children were having a great time and interacting with enthusiasm and smiles.
    In contrast there were also a few sets of two mums with a walking child and a child in the buggies. The mums were chatting to each other with enthusiasm, only stopping to remind the walking child not to do something or put a dummy / drink back into the mouth of the ( usually crying ) buggy child. The walking LO was generally running wildly, not stopping to view anything, not interacting with a parent or sibling, but enjoying the freedom.

    I wondered as I passed which children were having the better experience....childminders do a great job.

    I hope those working are enjoying the week and those not working are finding it restful and enjoying family time.

    In contrast to my other life I am now completing jobs this week as everywhere I go is now busy with families and children and planning days out next week when half term is over!

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