No children on record inspection help
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    Default No children on record inspection help

    Hi all..
    So ive got my first inspection early september, and ive informed ofsted i am not currently minding any children i actually haven't since becoming registered due to personal reasons, death of parent moving, then not moving, and now currently 7 months pregnant.
    The ofsted lady said still need inspection which is good but said i need to have my insurance in place. I did not renew the £59 micheal morton insurance as i knew i wouldnt use it within the next year. Does this sound right, do i need it if im not minding?
    I have all my paper work in place and i am confident i can talj through the safeguarding and planning through ages and learning developments but unsurecwhat else i need to have to show her?
    Thanks in advance x

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    You must have insurance in place at all times if you are registered, even if no mindes, or taking a break, etc. Fortunately you have time to get it now. It is a requirement of registration to be insured. If you have gold membership on you can activate the insurance they offer. Or use Morton michel, Pacey or whoever.
    Good luck with the inspection.

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    You will find the inspection from point 17 here -

    As Moggy advises you must have insurance. I hope all goes well

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