Language difficulties
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    Default Language difficulties

    I hope you don't mind me being cheeky and asking for some help. Eloise will be 3 the end of May and she is having major problems with her speech. She probably only has a proper vocabulary of 15-20 words at the moment. I don't have any worries about other aspects, she knew all of her colours before she was 2, she understands questions, she can do things asked to and can follow instructions that involve 2 or 3 parts to it. She was slow at walking and didn't start until she was 18 months really but now all she does is run, skip climb etc. I know she is at a difficult age but the temper tantrums are really bad and she has mega melt downs at the slightest thing. She goes to mother and toddler with her mum but only really wants to play on her own. She has also had the trauma (for her) of the arrival of her baby sister, although she is beginning to accept her a bit more now. Her way of showing her frustration at not being able to get her words out when she wants to tell us something is to throw something and then fall on the floor and scream. I know I should be able to help her, after all I went on enough training but somehow I can't seem to be able to do it. I think she may be on the autism spectrum or she just may be being a little slower at communication as she was with her walking.
    She is waiting for an appointment with speech and language therapist but this is taking for ever, I wish I had kept my registration on now and I would have just been able to take her to the local children's centre for help and not had to wait. She has had her hearing checked and that is fine, her eyesight is fine too.
    Sorry for the waffle.
    I was looking for a good sight to print off some pecs cards for her but I am struggling to find a good one and was wondering if anyone could recommend one. I have been on the I Can website and found a few good ideas to help her with.
    Any help would be appreciated
    Thank you

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    Sorry to hear your struggling xx Do2learn is excellent and has lots of free resources alongside the ones you can pay for xx

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    I find photos instead of pec cards more effective for some children, there's an app called pic collage where you add four photos to one big one to get four passport size pictures, great size to laminate and pop on key rings, there is also the app free prints where you can forty five prints a month for free just pay postage.

    Try the talking point website for some ideas to support her . Speech and language in children | Talking Point.

    Picture Symbols - speaking4autism
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