Ban and fines on backless booster seats?
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    Default Ban and fines on backless booster seats?

    DH has just rung me, saying he's seen something somewhere to say that people will be fined if using backless booster seats from March.

    I know all car seat rules are changing, but does anyone know the truth?
    I have silly headrests in my car, and a baked booster won't sit against them when fully extended for the older children. (Unless I remove headrest from car) likewise, I mind a rather large child who does not fit comfortably within the sides of a backed booster.


    Apologies if this is in huge font ... I've logged on via my phone not the app, and I can't change it!

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    As far as I understand it will apply to new car seats. There's some information here:

    Types of Seat | Child Car Seats

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    The only reliable source of current info is the Gov site.
    Child car seats: the law - GOV.UK
    There has been lots of speculation and scare stories around.
    There is a change in the law expected (but not confirmed) for this spring but that will just effect the way NEW seats are labelled.
    Everyone can carry on using their old seats as they always have been, until any further info is given.
    Of course there are a lot of interested parties who would love us to all throw out our old seats and buy new... it is a con. Just go with the Gov site.

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Ban and fines on backless booster seats? Ban and fines on backless booster seats? Ban and fines on backless booster seats?

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