New car advice please
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    Default New car advice please

    I am sure we have had loads of threads on advice for cars but now I would actually like to consider buying a new car I can not for the life of me find one!!

    I have an Aygo - love it tiny and cheap easy to drive - BUT only 2 seats in back and if childminding I would really love to have a car that confortably gets 3 car seats across the back seat.

    So I'm ideally looking for 3 full seats (rather than a 'mini' seat where someone gets squashed in the middle) and full 3 point seat belts rather than lap belts. I was advised to put a car seat in the front but think this would be an emergency situation not an ideal every day one!

    I used to have a zafira but am not likely (at the moment) mind in the summer and can't afford a big 7-seater so really not sure what to get!! Any advice from anyone please would be greatly appreciated and I'm really sorry if this is the millionth post on cars!!

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    I used to have a mazda 5 which fit 3 seats in and had a huge boot too.

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    I have a 5 seater renault scenic but wouldn't really recommend it as the middle seat is smaller and it's a squash to fit 3 seats across the back (OK if they are all 5 point harness ones but difficult to get hands between seats if it's highbacked boosters), also because my Scenic has underfloor storage compartments it makes it difficult to find isofix rear facing baby seats that have support legs - even harder to find rear facing non isofix other than first seats that you carry as the seatbelts aren't long enough to go round the older aged seats (found this out in Halfords when I asked them to demonstrate the Joie stages seat - couldn't get seatbelt round for rear facing and it was too wide with my existing seats too).

    I think if I had money for another car I would go for a 7 seater Citroen Picasso or even just the 5 seater one, as their middle seat is full sized and all 3 rear seats have Isofix.

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    I went from a tiny Hyundai i10 to a Ford C-Max grand... Love it!!
    Did a lot of research, didn't want a big 7 seater as most of the time only needed to transport 3 little ones, but it has 2 boot seats which are ideal for extras in hols.
    Sliding side doors are fab and I waited for their petrol Eco model which is only 1 litre engine but costs me about £40-45 to fill up and I can get 380 miles out of the tank which for a 7 seater is even better than my old tiny car!
    Couldn't be happier with it, amazing to drive and all the seats slide around and can be configured different ways. Most of the time I have middle row outer 2 seats in use, middle one is smaller and folds into one of the side ones so there's a gap in middle, then 3rd child in boot seat (all proper seat belts) and other boot seat folded into floor so plenty of boot space.
    I think I'd get a couple of high back boosters and a bit seat across middle row, just haven't needed to yet so haven't gone out and found ones that will fit. Not much boot space when all seats are up but it's not often the car is full, and I can squeeze my single buggy in foot well of middle row or on front seat if needed.
    Really recommend it, other I loved was Citroen c4 Picasso which had 3 isofix seats across back row and massive boot, but the guy that services my car said they have big probs with gearbox around the time the warranty expires and we couldn't afford new. My mum also used to have a Citroen and the gearbox went 3 times, and was on its way out again when she got rid!

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