Child always telling lies.
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    Default Child always telling lies.

    I have a 3yr old who has only been with me for 6mths and she is always telling lies. Her mum did tell me this when she first started and in the past I have pulled her up for it and made it clear I will not accept lies. This week it has really become an issue, she told a school child yesterday that another younger child had punched her in the stomach. Today she came to tell me that another child had scratched her and then when she was questioned about this she went through all the other children in the house in turn saying that it was one of them that had scratched her. Now I know that children do tell fibs but when it involves potentially another child getting into trouble for something they haven't done this concerns me. I am aware that I need to also safeguard myself so what if she were to make up something about me. What would you do about this? Would you call parent in for a meeting? I have started writing down all the lies. Should I get mum to sign an incident form or would this not be classed as that and if not what so I need to do?

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    This is interesting...I have to admit I have always come across little never lasted very long

    Children lie from the age of two, so here

    Age-by-Age Guide to Lying

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    It is difficult. I had an "incident" where a toy was broken and my two three year olds both swore blind neither of them had done it, though there was absolutely no possibility that anyone else was involved, and given where they both were, if one of them did it, the other would have witnessed it. I reported this to both sets of parents. One basically said so what is the big deal, it's just a toy? (rather missing the point) and the other would not contemplate the possibility that his daughter could have lied. I found the second response quite a worry, as that suggested he would believe whatever she then chose to make up. I kept an incident record. Fortunately (???!) the child shortly afterwards started biting her own sister and denying it vehemently in the face of evidence in the form of teethmarks and her own sister's account. Dad then had to decide which of his daughters was lying, as it was obvious at least one was! I don't know how I refrained from saying I told you so! Anyway, as with so many issues, I would talk with the parents and make sure they are aware and backing you in addressing the issue. If they didn't take it seriously or back you up, I would get rid.

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    How tough for you.

    Have you tried telling LO the story of the boy who cried wolf? I know it sounds silly but it helped with a lo i had here in the past.

    It turned out that the one I was caring for was so desperate for mum to stop work and stay home with them that they would say anything they could to make mum feel bad.



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