Visitors and leaving children
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    Default Visitors and leaving children

    Hi, so I have a few questions about childminding with other people around - would be interested to hear whether there are any clear rules, and what other people do:
    I read on a visitors policy something along the lines of "if I leave the room you must leave with me" - I assume this is directed at contractors (eg builders, gas man etc). If you had a friend/family member visiting would the same apply? What if you wanted the toilet (as obviously they can't come with you there)? Or do you just not have friends / family members there when you are minding? Does it make a difference if you know they have a DBS check or not?
    What about if you go to a toddler group or something - I get the impression that if you are at a childminders group you are okay to leave the children - if you wanted to take one child to the toilet for example would it be okay to leave the others? what about if there were no other childminders there, but there were people who had DBS checks? Or if there was a health visitor?
    Basically where is the line? Who is it okay to leave children with for quick things like toilet visits (obviously longer absences you get into assistants and stuff) and who is it not ok to leave them with? Does parental permission make any difference (could you get permission from parents to leave them with particular people) or is it irrelevant what the parents views are as the rules overrule?
    Any insights you can give would be really helpful! Thanks

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    I have left children with other childminders and childrens centre staff and have permission for this. At one point I had three non walkers and taking them all with me just wasn't really an option

    Contractors I would never leave alone and if I needed the loo all the kids would come with me but chances are you know they are coming so I would make sure id gone beforehand.

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    If I'm at childminding group I would leave a child (and ask them to watch them) while taking another to the toilet. At other groups if there isn't a childminder I would take them all if I needed to go somewhere - to change a nappy for instance.

    With regards to workmen in the house, up to now they haven't been doing anything in the rooms where I'm minding so it's not been an issue. If I went to the toilet while there was a contractor in the house, I would take the mindees with me. Same with friends and family, but it's easier for me at the moment as I currently have one day off a week so I use that to catch up with people, so I don't need to while working.

    I don't think I would leave them with someone just knowing they have a DBS check.

    Hope that helps.

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    You should check with your insurance company and if your a PACEY member your legal advise line. X

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    I find all mine trail after me to the loo at groups even if there are other childminders that dont mind watching them!
    They have to be in sight or hearing at all times, Ive been out before and cant get the double through the disabled loo doors so have strapped little ones in and parked it right outside with my friend stood holding it while I take older one to loo, can still hear them and it was the best option at the time with a 3 year old bursting!
    With contraxtors in house etx we had decorator in and just took all the kids to the loo with me, always go witj the door open anyway so I can hear them when I go!



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