something to say goodbye?
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    Default something to say goodbye?

    I'm going on maternity leave next week and so I'm saying goodbye to my mindees for the next 8 months. Some of them won't be back

    I can't afford big leaving presents like toys etc for all of them as there are 14 part timers but want to give them all a little something to say goodbye.

    Any ideas?
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    A key ring for the school aged children to hang on their book bags to remember you?
    Water bottles?
    Group photo and framed for each family?

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    there are some lovely poems. why not buy some cheap clipframes from ikea or wilkos and frame a copy of the poem each and sign your name on it?

    This is the one I used last year but depends on how young you had the children/how long you've had them.

    Goodbye (child's name here) Goodbye
    Will you remember the earliest years?
    It is important to me that you remember them with smiles not tears
    Remember the time when you were small
    Remember the time when we played ball
    Remember the time we went for a walk
    Remember the time you just wanted to talk
    Remember the time we played in the sun
    Remember the time we had party fun
    Remember the time we laughed real loud
    Remember the time we made pictures out of clouds
    Remember the time you ran outside
    Remember the time you fell and cried
    Remember the time you needed a friend Remember the time you hoped would
    never end
    Remember the time we sang together
    Remember the dancing forever and ever
    Remember the time we read from your book
    Remember the love behind the look
    Remember I care about you and all that you do
    Remember I am waiting you hear from you
    Remember I want for you only the best
    Remember I know you can do the rest

    Makes me cry just reading it again - I miss all mine so much but it was time for a change for me. It's lovely.

    good luck with your mat leave.
    if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got

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    Jugglers poem is really lovely.

    For those who are coming back what about some kind of journal so they can put in pictures and / or write about what they've been up to whilst they've been off x

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