I have a buggy pod that I purchased used off ebay a few years ago, I've never used it as I didn't feel confident enough that it was safe after reading lots of bad reviews,.
I've had an enquiry for a 1 year old, I also care for a 10 month old and my own child. So I will have 3 under 2 and will defo need a triple, at the moment I have a safety first double and I've dug the buggy pod out and considering giving it a go... But I'm worried! It's a smorf ( think that's how it's spelt) I'm not sure if its damaged of if this is meant to happen but when I open the seat up and push the catch thing down at the side and then push on it it collapses without me having to put the catch back up, when its on the pushchair it "clicks" like its trying to collapse and you can see the catch opening slightly, when the strap is on that attaches pod to main pushchair it looks very stable but in just not sure!!! Something is telling me to bin it and buy another one off eBay (can't afford new and no way can I afford a triple pushchair!) but if I do buy another one I will be mad if its the same and just how it's meant to be!! Haven't got any money at all to spare and if parent signs up I need to make a quick decision, sorry for the long post... What do to think??