I know many of you have problems with other childminders, parents, childminding workers, nursery staff and school staff - to name but a few! But I would like to ask that you think before you post about them and not use names, initials or other descriptions that might identify them or yourself.

Don't forget that some parts of this Forum are very public and can be read by anyone. It is my opinion that we should be professional at all times and while I appreciate the need to share your upsets and worries, (that is what we are here for!), it should be done tactfully and with thought for those reading ........ but above all, with thought for yourself.

Myself and many other members feel that some recent posts could give the wrong impression of childminders. We work hard on this Forum to promote Childminding as a valuable and professional childcare option, please don't undo that hard work with a few thoughtless words spoken in haste.

While on the subject of posting I would also like to point out that everyone has different opinions and while they are free to post their thoughts on all manner of subjects (provided it meets the Forum rules) all messages express the views of the author not necessarily the views of anyone else on this Forum.

We live in a multicultural society and we welcome everyone to this Forum no matter what their colour, creed, religion, sexual orientation etc. and feel that the posts should reflect that.

The Forum Rules can be read here:

If anyone has a problem with a post they can use the 'Report a Post' button (if they are a member), or the 'contact us' option at the bottom of the Forum.

If anyone has a problem with another member they can contact me and I assure you this will be held in the strictest confidence and your views will not be shared with anyone without your prior permission.

Thanks for reading