Hi - sadly I have given up childminding and as such am selling my Van seats.

Installing my own seats into a van was a brilliant way to gain an affordable multiseat vehicle with plenty of room for pushchairs and so on. My 3 seat van became an 8 seater. I can sell all 5 seats or sell as a set of 3 or a set of 2.

They were VERY expensive to buy so whoever would like these will be getting a bargain! They come with the floor plates, ply fittings and a non-slip floor covering and all the appropriate nuts, bolts, screws etc to fix securely into van.

The reason I chose these seats was because they fold flat, they can be folded and then tilted forward or they can easily be removed completely and then clipped back in all using an easy 'quick release'. The outer seats have isofix and the middle seat has coffee cup holders in the rear (so when not used and folded flat)
The seats were fitted in a Vauxhall vivaro so would fit a Nissan primastar or Renault traffic or other similar size van.
The configuration I had was 3 near the front accessed from the sliding door, and 2 in the rear which fit round the wheel hubs and these can be accessed from the side sliding door or from the rear door.
They are Ford custom rear passenger seats without armrests and were brand new when I bought them and I have only used them for about 16 months before I became ill and gave up work. (I am fine now but not childminding)

Each seat is an individual seat that can be folded or lifted out to suit the needs of the van - if you need to do a tip run for example or are just going away with your own family and need more space.
The seat belts are integral to the seat so do not need attaching to the van making installing very easy.
I also made a folding bed platform and bought a cut to size mattress for the rear enabling me to fold the seats flat and create a bed / campervan. I would be happy to also sell this if you are interested with the double seats that go in the rear.
The seats are heavy (hence they are proper safe seats for children) but I can manage by myself to lift in and out of van and carry to the house and I have had surgery that had effected the strength in both arms and I have lymphodema in my left arm so although heavy they are manageable even for me!
They are also individual seats - NOT a bench seat which some insurers will not insure you for because bench seats are not appropriate for children's car seats.
I would like £500 for the set of 3, £350 for the set of 2 or £800 for all 5.
The bed and mattress I would like £100 for. (It's memory foam and cut to the shape of the rear of the van)
I am in South Devon, collection only - please do message me for more information and photos. 20210728_113820~2.jpg20210728_113913.jpg20210728_114001.jpg